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You Can Change The Life of Many

Have you considering donating your favorite items? How often do you throw away products which are of no use to you? Most of us have the tendency to do away with the items which are of no use to us. 

We tend to replace household items from time to time and throw away the old items which are of no use. How often do you consider donating the same for the good use of the people? If you donate the products to MERS Goodwill, it will make a significant impact on the lives of many.

Donate your products at MERS goodwill

The nonprofit organization will help put your donated products to good use and generate jobs for the community. When you donate the product, they will help you determine the donation value and assist you throughout the process. After the donation has been made, the products will be put up for sale on ecommerce platforms

If not sold on the same, it will be sold through retail stores and outlets. The items which cannot be sold will be recycled by the team. The items which are sold will help generate jobs in the community and will benefit the lives of many. Through your donation, you will help individuals get a job and earn an income for their family.

There are various donation centers where you can drop your products. They also have pick up points across the city wherein they will come and pick up the products which have been put up for donation by you. They have more than sixty centers where they provide vocational training and skill development centers to help individuals find a purpose in their profession and excel in the same. 

The items which are generously donated are sold on different platforms and the revenue generated from the same helps individuals in skill development and provides them with job opportunities. Your donation will also generate tax benefits for you. Depending on the amount of donation made by you, there will be a tax deduction which you can claim for. 

Items accepted in the form of donation

It is important to note that they do not accept all the items for donation. They will only accept those items which can be put to use more than once and can be sold on different platforms. They have provided a list of items which can be accepted in donation and the items which cannot be accepted by them due to multitude reasons. 

They accept clothing, shoes, boots, hats, jewelry, mittens, gloves, scarves, books, compact disks, DVDs, records, video tapes, housewares, home d├ęcor items, toys, games, sports equipment, domestic items, hand tools, small power tools, antiques, collectibles, giftware, computers, stereos, radios and VCRs. The list is extensive and not exhaustive. They will recycle items like cell phones. If you wish to donate any item which is outside the list, you can contact the team and inquire for the same. Every item you used to throw away earlier can be put to good use now.

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