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Today, people prefer buying things through online shopping. Many surveys show that Indian women prefer online shopping. In urban areas, about 100 million women use smart phones and out of which 40% do online shopping. Convenience, deals, discounts and many more benefits of online shopping motivates people to prefer online shopping.

Earlier, choosing the perfect shoes and clothes online was biggest challenge for women since there was no personalised feeling to it, but today many of the fashion thresholds have stylists who give you the guide and help you in choosing the perfect order which suits your personality. Nowadays online shopping for women is much more stress free and organised. Nowadays online clothes shopping can be done by just one click only.

Women of age group 18 to 24 are most active in online shopping for women list according to many surveys, and which is 52% of total women shopping online. While women of age group comprise 20%, women above age of 34 comprise 6% and women of age less than 18 comprise 2%. And also 80% of women opt for cash on delivery payment mode while other 20% prefer online transaction.
The products which women more prefer buying online are as follows:

        Clothes: about 35% of women prefer online clothes shopping. As women can find wide variety and good quality of clothes on online stores therefore they mostly prefer online shopping for clothes. Also those on online stores they can find large number of designer dresses and they can buy them easily with discount offer as given by online shops.
        Fashion accessories: about 19% of women online shopping comprise fashion accessories. The main reason for it is, on online stores you can find the fashion accessories of different brands with large discount and also their good quality of product attracts the women.
        Home decor: many women of prefer to buy home decor online as they don’t have to move from shops to shops in search of things which they want for their home but for buying online they can buy it with just one click.
        Household Appliances: household appliances are the need of every home. To save time and travelling money many women prefer to buy household appliances like refrigerator, dishwasher, water heater, kitchen stove, washing machine, air conditioner etc. through online stores.
        Electronic gadgets: many women prefer to buy electronic gadgets online. There they could get them on discount. The electronic gadgets which they mostly prefer to buy online are mobile phones, tablets, digital clock and many more.
        Health and beauty care: today everyone is health conscious and specially the women. Women are more health conscious but in this busy life they had less time to buy their health care product so they prefer online shopping for buying health care product. Also they prefer to buy their beauty care products through online stores also they find them of good quality.

Women loves to do online shopping and the reason for this is that they can save their time which could spend in travelling and also the discounts and offers the online shoppers offer for their products.

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