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Top 4 Ways You Can Use Cloisonne Pins

There is a huge range of pins and badges available in the market. A lapel pin is a small pin that is worn on clothing, often on the lapel of a suit or a jacket. Lapel pins are usually ornamental and are used to show the wearer's association with an organization, institution or a certain social cause.

Lapel pins are symbols of achievement or camaraderie or membership. They are presented as a signto instill a sense of fraternity and unity.

Besides offices and clubs, lapel pins are also used for political gatherings, souvenirs for tourist spots, sports and cultural events, charity galas among others. Many people collect lapel pins of historical, political and cultural significance.

The usage of lapel pin was first popularized by the then Soviet Union. The most common lapel pins were featured by party leaders like Lenin, Stalin. These pins were distributed among the youth and members of the Communist Party.

Similarly, the People’s Republic of China had pins featuring Mao Tse Tung. USA has lapel pins featuring NASA. The members of the ministerial cabinet of UK wore the official Games pin for the 2012 London Olympics.

Nowadays, commercial pins and badges such as of Disney, Pokémon, Hard Rock Cafe,etchave flooded the market and are quite popular among the youngsters. Pin collecting and trading have become an active trend.

Cloisonne pins” are one of the most renowned types of lapel pins, also known as epola or hard enamel pins. The process involves the cloisonné being stamped out from a solid sheet of copper. The stamping process causes recessed areas or grooves. These areas are filled with powdered enamel. Then it is heated to 800-900 degrees. After cooling down to room temperature, the surface of the pin is brushed out and smoothened. Next comes the plating of the copper.

The Cloisonné process was first used in 13th-century China to create vases, sculptures for the royal family. The process was finished during the famous Ming dynasty, using bronze casting, paving the way for the modern process.

 These pins are very delicate and mostly used as brooches and other ornamental purposes. They usually have a polished and jewel tone finish. The manufacturing process is highly sophisticated,and hence, these pins are more expensive than regular lapel pins.

The Cloisonne process is manual,but nowadays, it is mostly manufactured and produced by machines. Handmade Cloisonne pins are rare and even more costly. They have become a statement of style, aristocracy,and elegance.

If you are interested in buying “Cloisonne pins” you can search online. There, you can find stores who have authentic, beautiful Cloisonne pins. You can have buy custom-made too, to get the design that you want. Other benefits are-
1.     You can find rare and vintage Cloisonne pins, guaranteed to be one hundred percent authentic.
2.     You can custom build your pins to incorporate them into any particular design, logo or motto that you want.
3.     The price is sure to be reasonable. There are plenty of attractive discounts on bulk order.
4.     Other than Cloisonne pins, you can also find lapel pins, baseball trading pins, challenge coins, medals, belt buckles, security officer badges, stock awareness badges, flag pins, silicon wristbands, lanyard patches,etc.

So, hurry up and get beautiful “Cloisonne pins” at a low price!

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