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Understanding Men's Oktoberfest outfit: The Lederhosen

We start off with yet another iteration of traditional Bavarian Clothing. However, this time we will be focussing solely on Lederhosen for a change and try to clear some of the answers you might be looking once you go out for Lederhosen shopping while planning to attend the iconic Oktoberfest. 

Before we begin, it would be essential to emphasize that no other clothing or assortment is readily associated with Bavaria than the Drindl or Lederhosen. Considering the tailor-made dresses and hand embroidered designs, these Bavarian dresses are built to last a lifetime (in most cases) as the demand for these products has picked up substantially over the years, the market is getting its fair share of Bavarian clothing manufacturers. 

While some do this profession justice, others are looking to make quick bucks by selling cheap replicas. We cannot emphasize enough that traditional Bavarian Clothing is not cheap. We recommend you to browse through the product catalogue of LederhosenForSale to get an idea of what a quality product might end up costing you.

Now that we have listed important points, it would be a good idea to move towards the topic area. An Authentic Lederhosen consists of the following:

·        A white shirt with (preferably) mandarin collar

·        Lederhosen
·        Long or half off-white coloured socks
·        Traditional Haferl Shoes
·        Woollen jacket, more commonly known as Janker
And here's a list of optional accessories that you can match with your outfit:
·        Waistcoat
·        Bavarian hat
·        Suspenders

Since Lederhosen are worn throughout Bavaria, Switzerland, and Austria, there are tons of regional specific variants along with different assortments. Take Allgäu as an example, men prefer to wear short Lederhosen while the locals living in the surrounding areas of Munich prefer to wear a long Lederhosen. Older men prefer to wear long Lederhosen, but at the end of the day this choice will boil down to your preferences. Additionally, men in the mountainous regions prefer to wear short Lederhosen because it is more comfortable when hiking and tending mountain pastures.

Next up, Socks!

Generally speaking,woollen and hand-knitted socks are a must if you are planning to wear any Bavarian clothing. Regarding colours, off-white, grey and green are preferred over the wider spectrum of colour range, as they hold plenty of cultural significance. A word of caution though, hand-knitted socks can be expensive but can last a while.

Suspenders for the win or not?

Yes, they are an accessory even if you aren't a portly fellow. Bavarian accessories are handmade with impeccable attention to details and almost all of them are hand knitted, which means embroidered suspenders will end up costing you a lot. A good alternative could be found in a sturdy leather belt. 

The situation in a nutshell:

Oktoberfest with its rich history of 207 years is a celebration cum beer festival. Attracting more than six million attendees each year, the event has contributed a lot towards preserving the Bavarian culture, traditions, tourist industry and local economy. As per some historians, this German party has remained steeped in its rich cultural history and traditions,

which is evident from the servers who carry locally-brewed beer to the Bavarian music echoing across the beer halls throughout the region. However, Oktoberfest's iconic images are the Lederhosen clad males guzzling beer and Drindlclad ladies. A fact augmented by the remarks of locals and these traditional clothing manufacturers.

"Quality is the most important thing in case of any traditional wearable item or accessory. A Lederhosen of good quality, (for example) made of a deerskin can last you for a whole lifetime". said a local manufacturer.

These dresses have been accepted as a unanimous uniform for Oktoberfest, which has garnered significant interest. So, dressing for the occasion is not just limited to its uniqueness instead it has become necessary if you wish to enjoy the experience truly. 

Last but not the least, whatever looks or styles you wish to adorn, remember one thing; take a little time to explore traditional Bavarian clothing for yourself as the price can be a little on the far side of scale. Choose what compliments your nature and make you feel comfortable.

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