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3 Tips to be Incorporate Brand Identity to Your Retail Store

Brand identity is crucial for any business. Research has revealed that more than 60% of the shoppers build relationships with brands. This is mainly because of the shared values.
The customers emphasize more on that and less on the price. This gives the retailers an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competitors.

In fact, it can be said that it is not an opportunity anymore. It has, now, become a necessity. Experts opine that for the success of any retail, brand identity is of crucial significance. Its implication lies in the fact that it separates your brand from that of your competitors’. Your brand is nothing but a story that you tell the world with the hope that they will also resonate to your efforts. This way the consumers will want to connect themselves with your brand.

For the retailers who possess brick and mortar shops, it goes much beyond brand identity. You have to bring the identity back to the shopping experience, in this case. Here are some tips that will help to bring forth the brand identity to the store front. 

Signage –

It is the first interaction that a consumer has with a brick and mortar store. That is why it is vital that the retailers introduce their identity in this case. It is advisable to put the store name at your entrance. Signage also includes window displays. The brand identity needs to be strong at the store entrance. This is a great way of leaving a memorable first impression. You should make them feel that they are entering your world. You can use chalkboard and place it on the sidewalk. This is for those consumers who have not noticed your window. This will lure more foot traffic. 

Consistency – 

Consistency is of pivotal significance in case of creating your brand identity. Bringing your brand identity to life, in case of your physical store, begins with the sentiment that you want your customers to identify with. You have to understand how your shopping experience can foster that. Remember that it is not just about what is in the store. Retailers have to think about the big picture and how they can make all the facets of their brand work together. Consistency and impact should go hand in hand to nail the brand identity. 

You should ensure that all the customers’ touch points need to tie back to the same fonts, logo and look and feel of the marketing store. The shopping experience should evoke the same emotions whenever the customer interacts with you be it through email, social media, in your store or at your website. 

Logo – 

Your brand logo is an indispensable part of your brand identity. That logo plays a crucial role of the in-store experience. You should place the logo strategically to ensure that the brand identity does not overwhelm the customer. But you should also make sure that the logo is not undermined. 

The above are some of the ways in which your retail store can incorporate brand identity. The reputed and successful retail businesses like Store 99 in India has followed these processes and also recommends the same for the upcoming retail brands. 

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