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Choose Your Summer Perfume Right

When days gets warming up its time switch our beauty regime to light makeup, beachy waves and a light fruity scent .season plays an important role in seasonality .
scented oil and perform have been using from decades and it still plays an important role in one's beauty regime .fragrances can alter your mood or trigger your mood but you can't wear same perfume in all season.

As our beauty regime changes from summer to winter so as perfume .here are some tips so that you can choose your perfume right this summer.

Wear it outside:
Try to test scent outside store as it holds up for longer time in store due to cold air conditioner blast , scent tends to evaporate much quicker due to heat test bunch of them in testing strip and move around with it in hot parking lot or in washroom if they still holds on their aroma go for it. Try to test perfume on your skin everybody has unique code of hormones  that can alter the smell of fragrance.

Choose concentration:
EDP (Eau de perfume) is highly concentrated than EDT, whereas EDT (eau de toilette) is less concentrate which is lighter and tends to less sillage( scent trail).choosing high concentration perfume will be bit pricey but will surely last long , you can also go for EDP which is medium concentrate and tends to last for 6-8 hours, whereas EDT  is fairly affordable and available in most of the retail store can last for 4-5 hours .the last concentration is cologne which will only last for 2 hour .

Try single Note Scent:
Single note scents like lavender, jasmine, rose, vanilla has more staying power. The most scent develops over the course of wear, but summer can speed up the process that barely lasts for few minutes and leads to unpleasant note combination of fragrance.

Look for citrus and woody base:
Citrus notes such as lemon, mandarin, lime are light and these smells are so airy. Likewise, with a woody base like sandalwood, blond wood etc aren’t most robust in cold weather so they most likely fit in summer.

Try solid perfume:
Try wearing your scent in a different medium which will not likely to disappear from your skin in hot summers. Solid perfumes are more subtle and also last long on your skin since unguent base holds the essential oil.

What scent to avoid?
Though floral are fantastic for summer, you should avoid some floral which should be avoided and any sickly aroma too. Stay away from heavy floral blends sugary aromas and rich oriental.

How to make your perfume last longer in summers?
By layering it with body lotion or oil but be careful not to overdo it. Or you can even seal it with petroleum jelly, try to use unscented soap so that you fragrance in not forced to compete.

Still, confuse ask a friend:
Sometimes the problem is in your nostrils for choosing right perfume .take help of your friend wear perfume before buying it and move around for a while then ask your friend whether a perfume is strong, it can save up so many people from having a headache.

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