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Summer Outfit For Girls

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Summer is the almost every girl’s favourite. Without having to think about the cold weather and the layers of clothes that go beneath that one final outer cover that you can finally flaunt.  It’s summer season and all you girls out there get ready for some breathtaking and cool outfits and styles.  It’s hot we know but you’ve got to be hotter.  This summer it time for some flairs and cuts.

With shorts being a comfortable, durable and an easy to wear and mange pair of cloth, this summer style it up with either a crop top or a loose full sleeves, long front slit top up till you knee. It will give you both a chic quotient and save you the tan.

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All those girls with thin legs can add volume to their look with an A-line skirt and team it up with spaghetti or a ganji and a scarf to go with it. Pair it up with pumps or heels if you want to give it a formal touch.  And yes don’t forget to carry one of those big chic bags along to make it one perfect outfit.

The best would be a simple straight shift with a pair of slippers or pumps with a bag to fit it an umbrella and all your necessities you need to beat the heat.

We know we can’t be wearing these outfits to work and just because its summer we can’t escape work.   To beat the heat all day long a pair of palazzo’s and a not very loose but not a tight fitted kurti,  is a very comfortable yet trendy day to day wear. If your work is such and you might want to break the monotony of wearing Indian everyday pair of jeggings which are not too tight with a formal shirt is a smart option. You do not want to wear those formal trousers and deal with the sweat and the weight they come with once it gets too hot. 

Now we know it’s hot and not every cloth is very comfortable to wear during this heat. Try to stick on to the new thin linen fabric available in the market , if you are the kind to get your clothes stitched and if you’re buying it off the store keep in mind to buy good quality linen. Also do remember there are a lot of stores selling not very good quality of net it might be an attractive buy but do you want struggle with the heat and the cloth sticking on to you all day? So don’t let the cheap price take over your comfort. 

One of the most important aspects of a girls looks is her hair and we don’t want to ruin our look with a bad hair style. Messy buns are still our best friend. Any of the above can be best themed with a messy bun and a flick or two in the front or just pin those up into a puff to save your forehead from the sweat.

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