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High Heels And High Style

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As we struggle alongside battling foot pain, risking falls and dodging grates and soft grass, do we at any time cease to think about the history of such most iconic items of footwear?

The original source of high heels is contentious, however a lot believe they originated from historical Egypt, wherever the wearing of the shoes was a sign of prominence and wealth. The primary precursors to what we now call stilettos ended up discovered in an Egyptian tomb, dated to all around 1000 before Christ.

Legend has it high heels had been introduced to European aristocracy while in the 16th Century by Catherine de Medici in France. Betrothed to the Duke of Orleans, who'd afterwards turn out to be the king of France, the small 15 yr old Catherine put on slippers with 2-inch heels to boost her stature and command admiration.

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By 1850, men had got in on the act, as well, with nobleman as well as the "well-heeled" in England and France sliding in to heels sometimes up to 5 inches high. It had been a past time tangled up with danger for Frenchman, even so as individuals identified wearing heels greater than worn from the King could discover themselves thrown in jail...or worse.

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Thankfully, men's heels faded into obscurity during the French revolution as beliefs in equality took over from ways of life of aristocracy and fortunate. Along with the demise of men's heels, those for women also disappeared. Not every person was happy with this of course naturally, the Queen of France Marie Antoinette seemingly went to the guillotine sporting two-inch high heel shoes.

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Heels regained recognition inside the late 1800's and in to the 20th century. Soaring hemlines within the 1920,s inspired decorative footwear with a large heel, therefore the introduction of the Louis heel into western way of life. The post war era noticed a rebirth of fashion within the west, led in part by French vogue icon Christian Dior. The attractive shoe, which has a tapered heel, grew to become generally known as the stiletto.

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High heels - supposed to give the impression of extended, far more slender legs - were crititsied by feminists in the 1960's as being a form of oppression, nevertheless a lot of that concern was forgotten in the course of the disco age in the subsequent ten years in which even stars like john Travolta got in on the act, putting on platforms in Saturday Night Fever the movie.

Adore them or detest them, it appears high heels are here to remain and perhaps only an Australian revolution could ever see them lose their reputation once again.

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